Now you can accept online payments!

Now you can accept online payments!

September 28, 2023Karol Wojtyła

The latest development in SchoolMate is that students can now pay for their lessons using their credit and debit cards. A student can login to the payments page of their SchoolMate, click on the lessons that they want to pay for and, after the payment is processed, the lessons are marked as paid. – We will be adding this feature to the mobile app very soon!

We have done this by integrating SchoolMate with LiqPay and PayPal. Both are payment processors and you can use either or both for processing payments.

To get started you will need to open an account with LiqPay and/or PayPal. There are no charges involved in holding an account but they will take a percentage of any payment that a student makes. LiqPay charges 1.5%. PayPal has a range of rates but it is more expensive than LiqPay.

After you have opened your account, all you need to do is copy and paste your account codes from LiqPay and/or PayPal click “Save” and you are good to go.

There is a tutorial on how to link SchoolMate with your LiqPay/PayPal account here.

There is a tutorial for students on how to pay for their lessons using LiqPay/PayPal here.