Online Lessons with SchoolMate

Online lessons

Online Lessons with SchoolMate

December 31, 2022John O'Keefe

Since Covid forced lessons online, schools have found, even after the end of restrictions, that online lessons are preferred by some students because of the time saved. Schools have also found online lessons can open new markets for them and also be integrated with in-classroom lessons as a form of blended learning.

SchoolMate has expanded to link with four online platforms where your online lessons can take place: Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and LearnCube. With the first two you add the meeting link to the lessons when creating them. With Zoom and LearnCube you can integrate them fully into your SchoolMate account.

LearnCube is not as well-known as Zoom but we integrated with it as it specialised online teaching platform with multi-tab whiteboard, cloud library, teacher controls and other tutoring-specific features.

There is a tutorial on creating online lessons and integrating with Zoom and LearnCube here.

A nice feature is that you can send teachers and students email reminders about their upcoming online lessons in advance.