Contact Group

June 7, 2018Karol Wojtyła

A contact group is a way for you to put together students – who may be in different groups, be different ages etc., -that have something in common. You might want to create a Contact Group for all your students who are interested in a Summer Camp so that you can contact them easily, for example.

Go to School Admin, Groups, Contact Groups and click Add contact group

contact group

Fill in the card that appears:

create contact group

And the contact group will be created. Now we can put students into the contact group:

  1. Click Assign students and a list of all your students will appear. Select those you want to put into the contact group.
  2. Remove and Edit.

assign students to contact group

On the Student’s card is a list of all the students who are members of the contact group:

  1. Click here to add more students.
  2. Click here to remove a student.

contact group student list