November 13, 2022Karol Wojtyła

This is a feature which can be used for student enrolment in courses. You create a contract for a student, or parent in the case of a child, to sign, which they can do when they log in to their SchoolMate account. Once the contract has been signed their status will be changed to enrolled in the Group to which the contract is connected.

When creating a Group it is possible to add a default contract which will automatically be added to each student’s documents card.

Creating an E-Contract:

When you create a Student Contract in Documents  you must mark it as an E-document:

Create an E contract

When you do this and add the contract to the student card it will be marked as online:

E contract

When the student, or parent – in the case of the student being a child – logs in, at the bottom of their Main Page they will see the following:Sign contract

After they have clicked “Sign”, they will have to click that they accept the terms

terms and conditions

Once they have clicked “Sign document”, they will receive an email with a copy of the contract and the Documents tab on the Students Card will show the contract as signed.

document status

The student (or parent) will then receive an email confirming that they have accepted the terms and signed the contract with a PDF copy attached to the email.

Contract attached


If your school is using the Reservations feature when placing students in Groups:

Reservations Then when a student who is in the Reservation or Awaiting section signs their online contract, they will be moved automatically to the enrolled section. Also, the Group tab on the Student’s Card will have the following changes:

Enrollment status

You can combine E-Contracts with another feature of adding contracts automatically to a student when they are placed in a Group. There is a Tutorial here

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