How can I automatically generate contracts for students?

November 13, 2022Karol Wojtyła

When creating a Group it is possible to add a default contract which will automatically be added to each student’s documents card.

For this to work you will first have to have created a contract in Documents.

When you are creating a Group select the required template from the drop-down list:

Select from drop-down

From now on, SchoolMate will create a contract according to the selected template for each student added to the group and add it to their Student Card.

Documents tab

Some Points:

If you add a template after the Group has been created, students who are already in the Group at that point will not have a contract generated, only students added after. 

If your school is using Planned Groups, or the Reservations feature, students who are placed in planned groups or reserved and awaiting places in the group will also have contracts generated.

Reseved places

If a student with the “Reservation” or “Awaiting” status has an E-Contract which they sign, they will automatically be moved to the “Enrolled” section.

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