How can I give access details to a student?

December 19, 2018Karol Wojtyła

When you add a student to the system, they are automatically assigned a login and password to the Academic Module. There are a number of  ways to provide these details to the student.


Go to School Admin ModuleStudents and select the student. On the General tab on the right-hand side of the screen, you will find “Print access details” button, plus it is also in the drop-down menu. If you created an account for the student’s parent, these access details will also be printed.


print access details

Emailing to a Student:

Before you can email you will need to enter your email settings in your account. Click here to learn more.

You can also send the student’s access details in an email. Obviously, you must have entered the e-mail address on the student’s and/or student’s parent’s card. Go to School Admin ModuleStudents and select the student. On the General tab on the right-hand side of the screen, there is a “Send access details” button.

Send access details buttonAfter clicking the button, a new window will appear. Here you can enter any additional information that you want to include in the email. A message with access details has predetermined content, but you can simply add something of your own.

To confirm sending the email (irrespective of whether you add additional message or not), click on the Save and Close button. After the message is sent, the button will change its colour from blue to green (you will need to refresh the page to see this change), so that you know which students have been sent access details.

additional message

Emailing to a Group:

You can also send emails with access details to all students in a particular group. Go to School Admin ModuleGroups and select the group. On the General tab on the right-hand side of the screen, click on the Send access details to all students” button.

send access details to all students

Student and Parent access details are sent out together in one message. 

Emailing to all (or selected) users in the school:

If you want to send log in credentials to teachers, students and parents and other users by email at the same time, go to:

School Admin – Communication – Email – Create Mailing.

sending credentials to students

Now you need to select who you want to send log in details to:

  1. Open the address book.
  2. Select the people you want to email.
  3. Click Select.

Select receivers

The receivers of the email will appear in the top box and you must fill in the Senders details


Token values

These allow you to personalise each email. Each recipient will get an email address to them and their own log in details.

To send a message and access details to any user: teacher, student, parent etc., you only need to use [first name], [last name], [login] and [password]. The token values with parent in them are if you want to send access details of the parent to the child.

Here is an example:

token values

There is a full tutorial on sending emails using templates and email types that it is recommended you read here.

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