How to create a report of teachers’ workload?

December 24, 2018Karol Wojtyła

The report on the workload of teachers allows you to see the number of classes or hours taught by teachers in a given period of time. This is a list of all the teachers, together with the number of classes in their groups in the selected  time, e.g. a month.

To create the report:

  1. Go to School Admin.
  2. Go to Teachers.
  3. Click on Teacher Reports.
  4. Select between “Hours Report” (a summary showing hours) or “Units Report” (a summary showing number of classes).

report on teachers workload

In the card that appears:

  1. Enter the dates that you want the report to be based on.
  2. Select the type of group or leave blank to see all types.
  3. Click print.

teachers hours report

After you click Print, the report will appear in an Excel sheet.