How to Create a Teacher

May 26, 2018Karol Wojtyła

To create a teacher go to: School Admin – Teachers – Add Teacher;

You will then see a teacher card to fill in:

Teacher card

Messaging Details. It is possible to send teachers messages direct from the teacher’s card using a number of messaging platforms. There are more details on how to use these platforms here.

Online Lessons. It is possible to hold online lessons with students through SchoolMate using a number of different platforms. If Zoom is a platform that your school uses, then you need to add the teacher’s Zoom account details here. There is more information on creating online lessons here.

Settlement Details:

A wide range of information can be stored here and used in the teacher’s contract with the school, plus pay and bank details:

Settlement details

You can find out more about teacher pay here.

Additional Information:

If there is any other information that you would like to store on your teacher, it can be placed here. The design for the card is controlled in School Admin – Settings – Forms.

Teacher Card:

After you have clicked “Save & Close” a teacher card will be created and many more tabs will appear that will hold information on the teacher’s groups, calendar, documents etc., There are detailed tutorials on each tab, but you can start with the main teacher card here.