The Student’s Card – Documents

May 23, 2018Karol Wojtyła

You can create documents within the system – system documents – or you can upload documents to store on the student’s card – external documents.

System Documents:

On this card you can create documents for individual students and store them on their card. The document templates are created and stored in the School Admin – Documents. You will find more information here.

  1. Click Add document

student add document

Select from the documents you have created in the system for students. In the following example we have selected a student contract. Select from the drop-downs and fill in the fields, then click Save & Close.

create student contract

and the document will be added complete with all the student’s details and other information to the Documents tab. The 4 icons on the right allow you to: print, email, edit and delete.

New document

When students, or their parents, log into their SchoolMate account they will be able to see and download the document via the Payments menu item. 

Students Log in:

students payment menu and document

External Documents:

The lower part of the card allows you to upload documents and store them. You can use this for storing copies of application forms, signed contracts etc.,

  1. Click the arrow to expand.
  2. Select the files you want to upload and upload them individually or in bulk.

External documents - students