The Company Card – Main Page

19 Жовтня, 2018Karol Wojtyła

After you have created your company a card will be created:

  1. Assign students to the company.
  2. Send access details to HR Manger.
  3. Send access details to students.

Company card

Cards Storing Information:

The top line contains cards of different sorts of information which will be covered elsewhere in this tutorial module.

Edit and Other Actions:

Clicking on the 3 lines will make this appear:

edit company

  1. Login – This option allows you to log in as the HR Manager. This is useful if you want to check what they can see.
  2. Edit billing data – Update contact details for invoices.
  3. Edit access details – Here you can change the HR Manager’s user name and password.
  4. Remove – delete.
  5. Print access details – Prints out the HR Manager’s user name and password.

Edit Company:

Clicking on this icon

edit company

will open up the company card and you can edit it.

Archive Company:

Clicking on this icon

archive company

will archive the company. You can find out more about Archiving here.

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