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The types of documents you can create templates for are:

  • Student Contracts.
  • Student Certificates.
  • Other – this is an extra template that can be used for students, teachers and teacher settlement.
  • Contracts – this is used for teacher contracts.
  • Contract Bills – this is used for teacher settlement.
  • Company Contracts

Go to School Admin – Documents and click “Create a new template”.

create a new template

After you have clicked Create, a new template a new page will appear. This is the top part:

  1. Select the type of document you want to create a template for.
  2. Name the document.
  3. Add an additional description if required.

new document template

If you are creating a Student Contract, you will see an additional option:

E document

If you click this box, you can create contracts which the student can sign online. There is a Tutorial on how E-Contracts work here.

The bottom half of the page is:

  1. This section contains the items that the system can place in this particular type of document. If you click on an item, it will appear in the bottom part .
  2. This section contains tools to help you edit, place logos etc., in the document.
  3. Here is an example of a document template. The marked items have been selected from section one and placed in the appropriate position.

template tokens

After Creating a Document:

After you have created the template, it is stored under templates:

  1. Here is the template.
  2. You can print, edit and delete the template from here.

after template is done

Creating Documents:

Documents can be created on the document cards of students, teachers, companies and teacher settlement. When you create a document, it will be stored on the relevant card; but all documents are also held here:

  1. Document Type.
  2. Documents of that type created.
  3. Print, edit and remove.
  4. Scroll through documents.


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