2 Серпня, 2018Karol Wojtyła

With SchoolMate you can record the different types of costs that your school incurs. You can then use these in reports to help you calculate profitability etc.,

Add an Expense:

  1. Click on Add expense.


After you have done that you can add an expense:

  1. Name of the expense.
  2. Amount of the expense.
  3. Expense type – there are three types of expense, see below for an explanation.
  4. Date of the Expense.

create expense

Expense Types:

There are three types of expense available in the drop-down:

  1. Normal – this is a one off expense and the date is when it is paid.
  2. Amortised – this is where your school is spreading the cost of a expense over time, such as a car.
  3. Recurring – this is a regular, repeated expense, such as rent.

With amortised and recurring expenses you need to put a “From” and a “To” date. 

Here is an example of an amortised expense:

Expense types

and this is how it appears in the expenses:

list of expenses

Here is an example of a recurring expense:

recurring expense

and this is how it appears in the expenses:

list of expenses

Editing Expenses:

  1. You can edit or remove any expense.
  2. Amortized and recurring can be removed in bulk.

editing expenses

Teachers as an Expense:

Teachers’ pay will be added automatically in expenses provided you have put the teachers’ rate when you generate classes. If a lesson is cancelled, extended etc., the expenses will be adjusted accordingly. You cannot edit a teachers’ pay here:

teachers as an expense

Combining Expenses:

If you put dates in the filter, you can view your expenses within those dates:

Combining expenses