How can I create a report on students in debt?

30 Грудня, 2018Karol Wojtyła

In the Reports Module you can check whether students are in arrears with payments and you can create a student debt report.

How to generate a student debt report:

  1. Go to the Reports Module.
  2. Click Select report.

How to generate a student debt report

From the list of reports that appears select “Students – payment plan in groups”:

Students – payment plan in groups

Once the Report is displayed we need to apply filters which are at the bottom of the page:


This is the filter control:

  1. This will give all past Payment Due items.
  2. This second one makes it between the two dates.
  3. “Left”, “Greater” the “0” will exclude those students who have paid the full installment and the report will show only those who have not paid.
  4. Click Search and Close to view the report.

Add search fields

Create a Debtors Report Template:

Using the same logic as above you could create a report on debtors over a certain number of days late, rather than based on dates.

  1. As the system records the number of days late in payment as a negative, we have to put “Less or equal”.
  2. This excludes those who have paid.
  3. After clicking “Save template” you will be asked to give it a name.

debtors template

Here you can see the template saved in Reports:


Remember there is also a debtors list in the Finance Module where you can send email reminders.