How to add Non-Cash Payments

2 Травня, 2019Karol Wojtyła

These are payments that are not linked to your cash box. An example could be where you give an invoice to a student and the student will send the payment via a bank transfer.

There are two types of non-cash payments: deferred and non-deferred. Deferred is when the invoice is expected to be paid in the future and non-deferred the invoice is paid as it is issued.

Finance – Payment Types is where you add your payment types and tell the system how to treat them:

Deferred Payment Types

We will now look at how deferred and non-deferred payments work.

Non-Deferred Payments:

To add a payment go to the Student’s Card – Payments Tab – Transactions – Add Payment:

Add non-deferred payment

After you have done this a form for you to add the transaction will appear:

  1. Select the form of payment.
  2. Select what the payment is for.
  3. You may need to choose from a drop-down.
  4. Add a payment description. You can see it appear in 3. below.
  5. The amount scheduled by the system to be paid appears but you can change this.
  6. You can use this to calculate how much remains to be paid after a partial payment.
  7. Click “Save & Close”.

Add transaction

Now that we have added a payment, at the bottom of the Payment Card we can see the following:

  1. Edit the payment details.
  2. Transfer the payment to another of the student’s courses.
  3. The payment description added in 4. above.

Bottom of Student Card

We have added the payment but we still need to create the invoice.

If we go to Finance – Transactions, we can see the student’s payment:

  1. Payment description that was added.
  2. Edit or remove the cash payment.
  3. We can also create an invoice for the payment.

Finance - Transactions

To create an invoice for the student click 3 above, you will see the invoice details (you can add the date of payment):

Add date of payment

Add a note if required and click “Save & Close”:

Add note

Now if we go to Finance – Invoices, we can see the invoice that was created listed:

invoice listed

The items on the right above allow you to:

  1. Edit the invoice.
  2. Change the System Status (paid, not paid) of the invoice.
  3. Issue a duplicate of the invoice.
  4. Delete the invoice.

Now at the bottom of the Student’s Card, Payment Tab we can see that the invoice is shown as created and we can print it out:

student's payment card

Deferred Payments:

The main difference between a deferred and non deferred is that with a deferred payment we need to add the expected payment date. You can see that the system will ask for a Payment Due Date. There is a default number of days added automatically but you can override it. The default is controlled in Finance Settings.

Creating a deferred payment

In the above examples we have shown creating invoices from the Finance Module to show where things are listed and how they fit together. You can save time by creating the invoice on the Student’s Payment Card here:

Creating the invoice on the Student's Payment Card