How to Link Payment Items

13 Лютого, 2019John O'Keefe

At the beginning of the school year, students will be paying for their course plus other items such as registration fees and course books. In Settings – Basic Settings there is a control to link course payments with products and services.

auto payment

If this is activated, then a new tick box appears on product and service cards, which, if checked, will add this item automatically to the student’s first transaction for the course.

Goods & Services tick box

You can learn more about Goods and Services here.

Creating a Transaction:

Now when you go on the student’s card to Add a Payment:

Add payment

The Product or Service item will appear automatically:

product or service

And after you click “Save & Close” it will be on the document you create:

Added to document

You can have multiple items ticked to appear automatically: Course Book, Exam Fee etc., and then delete for individual students if it does not apply to them.