The Student’s Card – Accommodation

23 Травня, 2018Karol Wojtyła

If your school has the Accommodation Module activated, you will be able to add bookings for accommodation, transfer and insurance items for the student.

  1. Click the edit icon on the right-hand side

accommodation module

After you have done that a card will appear. Mark accommodation as needed, enter the dates and select from the drop-down options.

accommodation requirements

After you click Save & Close the details will be added to the card. To complete the reservation click “Add reservation”

accommodation reservation

After you click “Add reservation,” you will be taken to a list of your accommodation facilities:

  1. Dates of booking.
  2. Filter button.
  3. Filterable items.
  4. Tick to reserve.
  5. Save.

search for accommodation

After you have booked the item, the room will be shown in the system as booked:

Room booked

And the reservation will show on the student’s accommodation tab, you can now add transfers and insurance to the booking if required:

showing reservation