9 Серпня, 2018Karol Wojtyła

Transactions contains a list of all the payments and returns of students and companies.

Go to FinanceTransactions:

  1. Add payment – this allows us to create a transaction.
  2. Add return – creates a transaction return.
  3. Print –  Click here and choose the dates if you want to print a list of daily transactions.
  4. Information – depending on the status of the transaction, it is highlighted in different colours:
    • Green – transaction with confirmed payment.
    • Yellow – payment not confirmed, but payment due date has not yet passed.
    • Red – unconfirmed payment, payment due date has passed.


General Card:

This gives more detail about a transaction.

  1. Depending on the transaction you can  issue an invoice for it and confirm your payment if a deferred payment transaction. You can also print an invoice for the transaction.
  2. Edit and delete the transaction.

general card